About us.

The client of 2019 spends less and less time offline. Now, a person is not distracted by the phone, he gets distracted from the phone. Is it good or bad? We can’t say. But we believe, that all entrepreneurs must seize this opportunity to further develop yourself and your business.

92 Digital – a full-service agency, founded by a team of entrepreneurs like you. We do branding, develop websites and create videos for you to reach and attract your needed client. We build our designs, websites and videos using models which sell. As only sales truly speak for your business!

Kind regards,
Founder of 92 Digital.

Our services.


We will create a visual identity for you company, service or product, which will be a comfortable way for your client to interact with you. Your corporate identity – your first sales channel.

Web development.

Let your client feel comfy on your website, let him be interested in making a purchase of your product or service. We will make sure your website is attractive and tasty. Your website – your second sales channel.

Video production.

The client of 2019, a client who sees the screen of the phone more than his reflection. Attract your customers attention with a stunning video, based upon professional direction and an exciting script. Your video – your third sales channel.

Digital marketing.

Receive a guide on how to properly use all of the tools we offer. Don’t be an outsider, use the experience of our team to promote your business. Your marketing – your key to constant sales.

Our team.

Aleksandr Andrjunas
Konstantin Raugevich
Project manager
Aleksandra Shpakovich
Lead designer
James McMilan
Julia Locmele
Video production
Woofing manager

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Our clients.


Working with 92 Digital was a real pleasure. All of the tasks were completed on time and with great result. Aleksandr and his team have strong attention to detail - this is what makes them professional.

Eduards Trofimčuks

Brand Ambassador

Winter Swimming World Championships 2018

Aleksandr and his team did an outstanding job during WSWC 2018 in creating and promoting the event throughout all the way.

Aleksandr Jakovlev

Project Supervisor


92 Digital has been working very dedicated delivering good creative suggestions for me and my clients within logo design, web design, video production & social media strategy.

Dag Cummings


International Winter Swimming Association

We've worked with 92 Digital for the past 3 years, Aleksandr and his team have never failed us and can come up with a solution for any of our problems.

Mariia Yrjö-Koskinen